Wonders of Raising Aria

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Farmer Aria

It's been a great couple of days. My sister and her honey left this morning around 7 AM and they took the fun with them. Aria and I are going to miss having them here. It was awesome when they were here because they would keep Aria entertained while I surf the web or read a magazine. I saw a new side to Aria when they were here. She was very social and would engage them in conversations and pretend play. One great surprise that took place was the harvesting of Aria's veggie garden. Back in mid-April, A. and Aria planted some zucchini seeds in a strip of dirt next to the garage in our backyard.

May 16th - A. & Aria planted some seeds.

May 16th - A.'s digging the holes while Aria supervises.

I didn't expect anything to sprout but one little seed did. It's been growing and growing ever since. I don't even water it on a regular basis, so I was really surprised when yesterday, my sis and Aria found a huge zucchini growing from the plant. Aria was very excited and we let her harvest it. One little tug and Aria got it off the vine. She was so proud. She carried it around in a pile and even gave it a good wash. We diced part of it for her for dinner but she didn't eat it. I'm going to make a soup out of the rest of it.

July 28th - See the zucchini?

That thing is huge and pretty heavy.

She's got a green thumb.


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