Wonders of Raising Aria

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot, hot, hot.

I took Aria to her summer school class today. Class was a definite improvement from last week's craziness. Aria actually had a good time there. Afterwards we had lunch at KFC and then headed out to a playdate with a mom that I've just met. Her house is pretty big but what's really impressive is the size of her lot, we're looking at about a half of an acre. That's alot of land for L.A. She's been remodeling her home extensively for the last couple of years and it looks great. We all hung out in her backyard under her covered patio. Dang it was hot. I secretly rather lounge indoors but all the moms were outside and I want to socialize. We left after a couple of hours and that's when we really felt the heat. The car was hot. The stop to the grocery store was hot, the ride home was hot. It's hot. hot, hot, hot. Okay, I'll stop complaining now.

Aria during music time in her summer school class. See the chaos behind her? There was a stampede for instruments and kids where getting trampled. I kid you not.

Aria and a new friend Maxwell during playdate.


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