Wonders of Raising Aria

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Start of something new.

Aria started her first day of summer school today. She knows the environment because it's the same school that she's been attending since she was one, but the teacher is new. It's a Mommie and Me class and we only meet once a week. Wasn't too impressed with the teacher. Her old teacher is way better. Oh well, it's only a 2 months course. There were way too many kids in the class because alot of the moms brought their older kids. I understand that it's hard getting daycare but it really effects the dynamic of the class. It was utter chaos. No one can hear the teacher and it was very crowded. Hopefully, people will dwindle off because of vacations, etc.
Oh, also, a little girl spit at Aria. I saw it with my own eyes. She wanted Aria's trike (the one she's riding in the picture below), Aria refused and the little girl spit into her face twice. I told the mother and neither the mother or the child apologized. God, I can't believe that crap. If Aria had done that to another child, I would have diciplined her and made her apologize to the victim. Some people suck.
After class we went to Target. Ahh, Target, I love shopping there, especially when I find a great bargain. I found some 4th of July shirts for Aria 50 cents! She'll be ready for 4th of July next year. We also scored some socks and a Batman raincoat. They we hit Big Lot where I got her a new Barbie lunch bag, some new panties for Aria, and some stickers. Overall, it was a great shopping excursion.
Unsuccessful attend to pedal a trike. She ended up doing a slow walk instead.

At the water table during outdoor play.


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