Wonders of Raising Aria

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday update.

Aria did surprisingly well today at the pool. She always hates getting her head dunked in the water. I usually dunk her against her will. Yes, it sounds cruel but that's what they tell us to do in the Mommie & Me swimming classes. Well today, after 45 mins of being in the pool, she started to put her whole face in the water willingly. She kept on doing it over and over again. We made a game of it and would do it together. She really starting to love playing in the water. I'm so glad too because I've seen all the screaming kids that take group lessons while we're in the pool. I feel so bad for those swim instructors.
Aria is currently hooked on one movie. Aquamarine. It's a teeny-bopper movie. Really not that great, but she loves it. She saw it twice last night, back to back and she's watching it now. She talks about it all day today. We were in the pool and she asked me her usually question of 'are you thinking what I'm thinking?' and her response was 'mermaid movie'. So weird. I really didn't think she'll like it that much. She screams with joy when it comes on and will jump around during certain scenes. I don't think completely understands the movie but she's mesmerized by the idea of mermaids, I guess. I really got to dig up my copy of Disney's Little Mermaid and let her watch that. That's more age appropriate for her.
I decided to order dim sum takeout for lunch. I got stuff that I normally don't order when A.'s around. I ordered Aria a plate of custard tarts and I ordered lotus leaf wraps and sesame seed balls with lotus paste. Once we got home she devoured all three custard tarts and I did the same with the sesame seed balls. It was a great meal. Gotta do that more often.


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