Wonders of Raising Aria

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Girls-Only weekend.

Yip, it's only me and Aria this weekend. A. is in Vegas hanging out with his friends.
Aria and I dropped him off at the airport around noon and he will not be back until Monday afternoon. I don't mind because I hang out with Aria all the time anyways so it's no big deal. She's at a really fun age because I understand her better and I can reason with her if she's not happy about something. My baby's not a baby anymore. She's really fun to hang out with now vs. a few months ago.
After the trip to the airport, I decided to take Aria to Ikea. It's our version of an indoor playgroup. Why pay an admissions fee when you can go to Ikea for free? We decided to have lunch there too. It was the first time that Aria tried their meatballs and she loved them! Can't believe it because she such a picky eater. We hung out at Ikea for a couple of hours and capped off our Ikea excursion with a yogurt cone. Then we went to the bookstore across the street.
I just wanted to avoid the 100+ degrees heat by hanging out at stores but unfortunately I forgot Aria's diaper bag. My little girl is so not ready to be in panties because she had an accident, in the bookstore, in the children area. I was so embarrassed. I don't think anyone saw and I'm so sorry for what happened but I quickly left that area of the store so none was the wiser. I don't think she has great bladder control yet. Sorry, B. & N., if you're looking for the culprit who made that mysterious smelly wet stain in your children's dept., right next to the Backyardigan display, my daughter did it.
Aria on a rocking thingy.

One of my favorite 'rooms' in Ikea.
I love the idea with the shadow boxes behind Aria.

Aria trying to hopscotch.


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