Wonders of Raising Aria

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday work day

A. had to work today so Aria and I went with him to Santa Monica. We hung out with him for a little bit at his office before heading off shopping. My first stop was at West Elm. I love this store. Great stuff for decent prices. I've wanted this in white for a long time and I decide to get it today. Surprise, surprise the only one left was opened and they will not get more in until next week. I was going to get the opened one but I changed my mind while at the register. Hey, I think I deserve a brand new one, especially if I was going to pay full price for it. This will give me a reason to come back out to Santa Monica. Hard to believe but I left the store empty-handed. There was a fire in Santa Monica that caused alot of the stores in the area to go without electricity. The weird thing is that one store will have power while a bunch of stores right next door to it will not. I wanted to go to Urban Outfitters and Barnes & Noble but they were out of commission because of the power outage. I took Aria to Old Navy and stubbled upon their '50% off of their red tag items' sale. I scored some great deals; all but one of the items are for Aria. I think I ending up purchasing 14 items for less than $35. We totally lucked out because the sale ends today. We also checked out Z Gallery and Pottery Barn but I couldn't find anything worth buying.
We made it back to A.'s work by 8 PM and left around 9 PM. A. decided to have dinner at Little Sawtelle, an area consisted mostly of Japanese restaurants. We dined at Curry House and Aria slept through the whole meal. It was delish! I haven't eaten there since before Aria's birth. We finally made it home around 10:50 PM. Now Aria's wide awake. We're currently watching Howl's Moving Castle (for the 6th time in 3 days). It has replaced Aquamarine as Aria's new favorite movie. Okay, gotta go feed the dog...

Aria dangling from the balcony at A.'s work.
He's got a great view. Too bad he doesn't enjoy it much.

Aria's enjoying the views.

Ominous smoke coming out of the vents in the street at Santa Monica.

I love plastic food displays!


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