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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Busy day.

Aria had summer mommie & me class today. We were an hour late because Aria refused to wake up. It's really A. and my fault that her sleeping habit is so bad. She's up late because A. doesn't get home til 8PM and she doesn't get to sleep until 12:30 or 1 AM. It's going to have to change come Sept. when she starts preschool. Something's got to give. She's gotta sleep earlier and A.'s not going to be able to spend so much time with her in the evenings. Class today went by very quickly since we only had 2 hours left when we finally arrived. She spent the majority of the time playing outside. The weather was perfect since the heat wave broke.
Aria was being anti-social and didn't talk to this little girl during outside play.

She always prefer some form of drum during music time.

Playing with the bear mascots outside of class.

After class, we headed off to Aimee's house for a playgroup. Aimee has a 2 years old daughter named Azaria, very similar pronounciation to Aria's name. Azaria's a pretty quite kid and Aria plays well (not great) with her. Two other mommies (with their children) showed up also. I met them a couple of weeks back at Aimee's house. They both have children younger than Aria. Aria basically played by herself or with Azaria. I wish I can find some older kids for Aria to play with. She really likes to interact with older girls but I can't seem to find any. Oh well, hopefully when she's in preschool, she'll meet some new friends that she'll want to play with.

Trying out Azaria's car.

Inside Azaria's playhouse.

We left after a couple of hours and I decided to head to a Target that was near Aimee's house. I really had the intention of purchasing only Yoohoo there, but inside, I had to check out the toy department to see if that amazing sale from last week was going on there. It was very slim pickings. I looked around for a bit and then I spotted three go-back carts against the wall. I dug around and found some great stuff available that were 75% off. I scored a couple of Amy Coe stuff animals. I broke my rule about not getting more stuff animals because Aria's got tons already but these were just too adorable. I also found a great Fisher Price Alligator toy. Too bad Aria's too old to play with it. I'm going to save it and give it away to someone.

I'm adding the stuff animals to my Amy Coe collection. Yikes, I got an Amy Coe collection, right next to my Hello Kitty collection and my Curious George collection. I'm a sucker for cute things.


Blogger Jodie said...

You gotta go back to Target!! I was there today and all the kids outdoor stuff was 75% off!! No one knew because it was way up on the shelves (I almost passed by it myself!) They had the kangaroo climber, a little tikes sandbox, and a picnic bench set for $9.99-$12.99!!
Oh, did you see the Curious George stuffed animals with a book for $3.45? And a few of the Klutz books are clearanced too!
(yes, we're both hopeless addicts!)

2:11 PM  
Blogger graphix_girl said...

Ahh, Jodie, too back we live too far from each other, we can do some major damage at Target. It's great to know someone who loves Target shopping as much as I do. I don't think I can find great stuff like you did at your Target, though. Everythings gone, I've been to three Targets already. Wow, you've totally scored on the climber, sandbox and the picnic bench set. Please take some pictures so I can see your loot. Yeah, I did score one of the Curious George stuffed animals at the outing with my sister, once again breaking my rule about no more stuffed animals. Did you get one too? Darn I wish they had Klutz books on clearance here. I love these books. They're so much fun. Your Target rocks.

12:13 AM  

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