Wonders of Raising Aria

Thursday, August 03, 2006

New venue.

I took Aria to a park that we've never been to before. It was located in a very expensive community 10 mins from our house. A. and I had scoped some of the homes that were for sale there and they were going for 1.7 million. I really like that area but that's definitely out of our range and beside the lots are pretty small. I guess the new homes are all about bigger houses and smaller lots.
The park was huge with a great playgroup area for kids. I love how they used recycled rubber instead of sand for the ground covering. Unfortunately, there weren't alot of shade since it's a new park, but it worked out fine because it was kinda cloudy today. We met up with a couple of friends there, one of them being Cassidy, Aria's favorite playmate. Aria loves to follow Cassidy around and Cassidy tolerates Aria so it was great. They found a caterpillar on the ground and spent a good 20 mins playing with it. They were so cute together. Cassidy eventually lost it and they spent another 10 mins trying to locate it. We eventually parted ways after 2 hours of play.

She's excited about holding the caterpillar.

Cassidy did a great job of sharing the caterpillar.

I then headed for Albertson's 8 hours sale. Just my luck I hit the mad rush as soon as I got there. I got everything on my list, waited through the long lines and made it home around 2.

I've been meaning to start Aria on all the workbooks and flashcards that I've purchased throughout the years, but I'm always either too busy or just too lazy. My goal is to really get her started on her alphabets and numbers. She can say all the letters and numbers up to 12 but she can't read them yet. She only recognizes 'A' and 'C'. Cassidy and this other girl in Aria's playgroup already know their alphabets. Ahh!! I don't want her to be behind when she starts preschool. I don't think I push her enough. I hope I don't get too laxed in raising her like my parents did with me. I'll try my best to give her as much xtracurricular activities as she can handle; maybe I should start her on ballet when she's three.
Aria's also been skipping her afternoon nap this week which sucks for the both of us because I miss the block of free time to do what I want and she's grumpy in the evenings because she's tired. I tried putting her down but she refuses to stay. I'm going to try to tire her out more. Maybe I'll take her to the zoo tomorrow.


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