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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kiddy weekend.

We had a very packed weekend. Aria's preschool held a Dad's Day on Saturday morning. It was a fathers or grandfathers and students-only event, no mothers or siblings. I thought it was a cute idea, A. thought it was silly because he would rather do it as a family. I dropped them off after my run with Alice and I picked them up after 2 hours. Aria and A. were the last ones to leave. They came out carrying a wooden box that they made together. Granted it wasn't the neatest looking box but I give them an 'A' for effort.

Aria in her classroom.

Saturday night we babysat Cassidy and her little brother Michael. Their parents had plans to go to their friend's birthday party in downtown so we got the honors of taking care of their kids for the night. I owe them so much because they are willing to watch Aria on Thurs. nights so that A. and I can go to bereavement classes. Three more classes to go till we're done.
The night went well. Aria had a blast playing with Cassidy. Cassidy is Aria's favorite playmate and I hope they remain friends way into their adulthood. Michael was very easy to care for. He only cried the first 5 mins after his parents left and he was fine afterwards. I only had problems with putting him to sleep. I used to nurse Aria to sleep so I had no clue how to put Michael to sleep. He basically stayed up till 11 PM until I took him into the spare room and rocked him to sleep. Then I laid him out on Aria's blowup Little Mermaid bed. Shhh... don't tell his parents what time I finally put him to bed. I lied and told them 10PM. Overall, it was a breeze babysitting them. A. was great help. I know it would have been alot harder without his help.

On Sunday we went down to Torrance to visit my old friend Julie and her family.We were there for over 8 hours! Wow, I felt so bad that we stayed so long but time flies when you're having fun. They were great hosts by serving us lunch and dinner. Julie is an amazing person. She's a mom to two great girls, keeps a great house, and she does part-time work as an editor. I really admire her. We were able to do some girl talk on Sunday when we left the kids at home with the men. It was so nice to catch up with her. Too bad they live so far away (an hour). I'm going to try to make an effort to see her more often since Aria and her daughter Erin play so well together. They look alike too.

Here's Erin enjoying some cookies.


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