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Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm a student again!

This Weds. I got up early ( 6AM ) and drive to the adult school near my house. It was open enrollment time again for the Spring semester and the early birds gets the classes in this case. I was actually not the first one in line. I was #6. Yipe, everyone wants to get into the Mommy & Me classes offered there. We were all willing to get up early and wait in the cold for the school office to open at 8. Since I have dropped out of my Monday class, I had to re-enroll all over again. I got into the Friday class for this coming semester. While I was waiting in line, I checked out the other non-Mommy and Me classes offered. A ceramic class held at night time caught my eye. I've been wanting to get 'creative' again and I've haven't had the time or the motivation to do it. Now that Aria's older I think she can handle some time away from me. After enrolling in my Mommy & Me class, I went home and asked A. about the possibility of me attending this class once a week for 4 months and he told me 'sure'. He's the greatest.
So I trekked back to the school in the afternoon and enrolled in the ceramic class. The class is to be held at a local high school instead of the adult school so I'm going to be back in 'high school' for the next four months. While I was walking down the hall to register that day, I was bumbarded with the same feelings I got in high school; the feeling of akwardness and not fitting in, except now I'm a 30+ years old woman and not a geeky teenager. Some things never change I guess. Well, I hope I will be creating some cool stuff in the coming months. Let wait and see.


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