Wonders of Raising Aria

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chinese New Year dinner

Happy Chinese New Year! Our Chinese New Year celebration consisted of getting together with A.'s side of the family. One Chinese New Year Eve (Saturday) we all met up at a Chinese restaurant for a traditional meal. 4 generations of A.'s family were present. A.'s grandmother is still alive but unfortunately, she has dementia needs assistance from a live-in nurse. I was good to see her there. The nurse came along too. Awkward but oh well. The food was decent and it was good to hang out with A.'s family. The best part is when all the girls (Aria, Bella and Layla) gets to play together. It's so cute to see how the younger girl will always follow the older ones.

I dressed Aria up in a traditional Chinese mandarin suit. It was the same suit from last year because I didn't have the time and the patience to look for a new one for her for this year. Thankfully it still fits. I put her hair in pigtails too. She is sooo going to hate me when she's older and she finds these pictures. Pretty fobby huh? Well, it's only once a year and I personally thinks she looks cute.

Bella, Aria and Layla playing at the dinner table.


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