Wonders of Raising Aria

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Scorcher of a weekend.

The weekend's temperature was extremely hot. We hit 98 degrees on Sat. Thankfully, Sunday was slightly cooler. I am sooo not ready for the summer heat. What happened to Spring?? On Sat. we did the usual YMCA classes and them Lakeshore. Afterwards I walked with Aria to the elementary school down the street to check out their Spring Carnival. The carnival was wrapping up but I was able to get Aria some cotton candy. I think she has tried a little bit of some a while back but she's never had one of her own to hold. I don't want to get her hooked on it but ever since she has seen the movie Aquamarine, she's always been curious about it. (There's a scene in the movie where the mermaid Aqua gets a hold of cotton candy for the first time and uses it as a powder puff). She has been asking for it for a while now. Aria held her cotton candy in her right hand all the way home. She took one small bite of it, made a funny face and gave the whole thing to A. That was the end of that.

Aria and A. also went to Layla's 2nd birthday party early Saturday evening. I decided not to go and stayed home to work on ceramics. She came home happy but with a bruise below her right eye. She apparently ran into a table.

The infamous cotton candy. Looks like it's attacking her before it gets attacked.

The birthday girl Layla, Bella & Aria.

On Sunday we went to a garden show. It was a small event, totally not what I expected. We were pretty disappointed with the lack of booths and entertainment. I was thinking of leaving after 30 mins. but Aria told us she wanted to stay for the hoola dancers. We waited in the sweltering heat and were not disappointed. The dancers were made up of girls and women from a local dance studio. They were pretty good. A. asked me if I was interested in trying it but I think I rather stick with ceramics. I don't have to show my belly in ceramics.

We met these kids at the fair and they were very sweet to Aria especially the 9 years old girl Lacy. She literally picked up Aria and carried her around.

Aria found some rollie pollies at the fair.

The hoola dancers.


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