Wonders of Raising Aria

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Party at school.

Aria's preschool hosted a Mommy/Grandma/Aunties' Day party today which ran for the first half of school. There were tables set up for arts & craft and a table with snacks. Aria and I headed right for the snack table and ate 2 mini chocolate muffins and some juice before we tackled any crafts. We can't refuse an offer of free food, especially when it involved chocolate.
For arts & craft we decorated and potted 2 plants and made handprints on heart shaped wooden cutouts. Aria painted a couple of paintings and played with bubbles. Very fun overall.

Aria with her first potted plant. She picked the flower and the container, both of which are purple. Surprise, surprise.

Here's our finished handprints on a wooden cutout.

Potting her second plant. I had to force her to use a pink container, anything besides purple again.

The massive bubble container.


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