Wonders of Raising Aria

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Recap of weekend.

Last weekend consisted of the same old, same old. We hit the YMCA for a few classes for Aria. A. usually swims when Aria has her classes but on this Saturday, some kid pooped in the pool so they had to shut the whole pool down, drain it and decontaminate. Bummer for him and all the other eager swimmers. We did Lakeshore as usual after the YMCA. Then we had dinner someone's house which resulted in my rant on the previous post.

The highlight of Sunday was our trip to Todai's for dinner. A. received a free coupon for his birthday a few months ago and it was going to expire soon. We decided to go there with his friend Mauricio. He's a lover of good buffet places. I have to say, I've hit many buffet places with him and he's one person whom I'm comfortable gorging in front of. He doesn't judge my enormous amounts of food intake. Food was great, we closed the place down.

On the railings of Todai's.

The famous Todai mascot. It's like tradition. Everything we go there, we have to take a picture with it.

The fish that decides the pricing for kids.

The famous Mauricio, exiting the men's room after consuming a huge quantity of food.


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