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Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter at the zoo.

Geez, am I tired. We spent the whole day at The L.A. Zoo with my friend Alice and her kids Cassidy and Michael. My head is throbbing from the crowd, the extremely long lines and from pushing Aria in her stroller. I think I'm more mentally tired than anything else. Dealing with 3 kids at one time is definitely taxing on the head. Of course I wasn't doing it alone, but still. Overall, the day was fun. I was kinda surprise by the huge turnout at the zoo. I guess everyone took advantage of Spring Break and the zoo's special Easter celebration starting today which lastes through the weekend. Last year A., Aria and I went on Easter Sunday. Big mistake. The crowd then was even worst. Today's experience at the zoo was definitely better than last year's.

We got to the zoo fairly early and was shocked to see how long the member's line was to enter the zoo. It it almost wrapped around the front entrance. We headed right for the special Easter arts and crafts booths that were located throughout the zoo. Aria and Cassidy were able to take pictures with alot of cartoon characters - Angelina Ballerina, Tony the Tiger, The Nesquick Rabbit, Scrat from the Ice Age movies, Goldfish and the Easter Bunny. The line that really drained us was the line to take a picture with the bunny and to have that picture printed on a t-shirt. It took over an hour. Entertaining all three of the kids while in line was near impossible. Poor little Michael had it the worst. He's only 17 months old and being confined in his stroller while in line was no fun. The girls were entertained with all the freebies at the nearby tables. We got free bags of carrots, goldfish crackers, gum, Nesquick chocolate milk, and boxes of green birdie Peeps. Oh, I love freebies. Made the visit so worthwhile. We finally called it a day around 2:30PM and left the zoo. No more Peeps for us until next year.

Picture with Angelina Ballerina.

Picture with Goldfish.

Picture with The Nesquick Bunny.

Picture with Tony The Tiger.

Alice, Michael and Cassidy with the Bunny.

Aria with the Bunny.

Here's Aria's reaction to her new personalized t-shirt.

Taming an alligator.


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