Wonders of Raising Aria

Friday, March 30, 2007

I see elves.

I heard about a Tolkien Festival that was to take place at a local library and told A. about it. Since he was a big Tolkien fan he was very excited about the event. Well the event turned out to be a very small venue. It was kind of sad and depressing because of the lack of attendance. At one point, some of the people running the event tried to generate more attendance by recruiting from the general library patrons in the rest of the library. We stayed for the whole event with numerous 'breaks' for Aria because she didn't find the event as thrilling as A. did.

Tolkien Fest taking place. An elf was reading from one of Tolkien's books.

Aria was coloring. That's a hobbit's butt in the background.

Look it's Gandoff and a hobbit.


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