Wonders of Raising Aria

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Long Saturday.

Last Saturday we hit 3 craft places. We went to an event at Michael's and we also did our usual YMCA craft class and the craft session at Lakeshore. Boy, was I all crafted out by the end of the day. But our day didn't end there. A. and I had date night that night. We've started a babysitting swap with my friend Alice. We watch her kids one Saturday so they get date night and she and her hubby do the same for us. We spent our date night at the movies watching 300 and then we had Japanese food for dinner. It was very wierd not having Aria with us. We were told by our psychologist to not talk about Aria during our date nights and we tried our best to stick with that rule but boy was it hard. She's our only child and since I'm a SAHM my world revolves around her. Date night was tough at times, we miss Aria alot, but we had a great time overall. This coming Saturday will be Alice and her hubby's turn to go on a date. It's going to be a fun and loud place at my house this weekend.


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