Wonders of Raising Aria

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Change of plans.

I had a small list of things to do today-
1) go to 99 Ranch and do bulk of grocery shopping
2) go to regular store to get the rest of the grocery shopping done
3) return one library book that is due today.

My intentions were to get it all done before 1:00 PM, which is very realistic. Well, I didn't account for how Aria will feel about the whole event. We made great time by arriving at 99 Ranch around 10:30 AM. Then I foolishly asked Aria if she remembers going to the Vietnamese restaurant next door for pho when she was little and she instantly wanted noodles and soup. She had a tantrum about going grocery shopping without having pho first. Well, we ended up having a brunch at the Vietnamese restaurant. I guess she had a right to complain when I didn't really feed her breakfast. She loves pho and she ate a pretty big portion. I have to admit afterwards that I also enjoyed my meal too, and sharing with her made it that much more special. What's my rush anyways? I should cherish these times with her.

Enjoying pho.

Look how cute these packages are!

Here's Aria being silly. She's trying to catch rain drops with her tongue.

At the park.


Blogger Michelle said...

what fun outings you've had with aria :) i can't wait 'til i'm capable of taking K out again with the baby in tow... :)

7:37 PM  

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