Wonders of Raising Aria

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Usual Saturday.

We spent this Saturday doing our usual routine of YMCA classes and then the free arts and craft at Lakeshore. We headed home afterwards instead of eating out like we usually do. While we were turning down our street, I spotted Flink our friendly neighborhood cat. I rushed home and we walked quickly back to his house for a little visit. We didn't spot him at first and we stood around 'meowing' to try to get him to come out. As we were about to leave, Flink came running from across the street. We were able to hang out with him after all.

Playing at Lakeshore.

Aria is so enamored with that cat that she's willing to trespass on our neighbor's front step to play with him.

Side note: Aria gets a small sticker after each YMCA class. I've been putting them on her membership card and I've ran out of room. I saw another mom put her daughter's sticker in an autograph book and decided to copy her idea. I transferred most of Aria's sticker into a little photo book and now I just use that as her catchall. She spent about 45 mins tonight cutting out pictures to put into that very photo book. Aria basically started her own little scrapbook. Have a look.


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