Wonders of Raising Aria

Monday, April 02, 2007

Egg hunt

We went to our first Spring Egg Hunt of the year, held at O'Melveny Park. We met up with Alice and her family, which means Aria gets to see her best friend Cassidy. They had fun walking around together. Aria and Cassidy declared to each other that they were best friends. So cute.
I love how the egg hunt was orchestrated because they had age appropriate hunts and the kids turn the empty plastic eggs in for a carton of candy. It didn't matter how many eggs each kids get, everyone gets the prize. The surpise bonus of the day was when Aria (well it was really A. who found it) found a golden plastic egg during the egg hunt. She turned it in and got a wrapped gift basket. Score!!

Photo with the Easter Bunny.

Off to the egg hunt area.

Still walking. The event was spread out.

The wait for the hunt to start took awhile. The kids got bored quick.

And they're off!

This is the basket that Aria won.


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