Wonders of Raising Aria

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Another egg hunt.

Today Aria and I headed off to another Easter Egg Hunt held at a park. We were late by 15 mins. (because Miss Aria was dragging her feet) and we missed the 4 and under egg hunt. The next one was to be held 15 mins. later but for an older age group - 5 to 7. Well, I asked Aria if she wanted to do it and she said 'yes'. Luckily her cousin Bella (who's 5) was there and agreed to help Aria out and do it with her. Aria was excited and had a couple of faults starts where I had to call her back. When they did start the hunt, Aria was the slowest because she was one of the youngest and she tripped before she was even close enough to the eggs. I was praying that she'll get right up and continue, but I think she's at an age were she's started to get embarrassed when she makes a mistake. Right after she fell, she refused to go any further and started crying hysterically. My dilemma was that parents were not allowed onto the field so I couldn't go and console her or help her with the hunt. Her cousin Bella was no where in sight because she got so involved with the hunt and left Aria behind. I felt so bad for Aria. One of the organizer was nice enough to let me onto the field to fetch Aria and she gave Aria an egg just so that she can trade it in for a box of candy and not feel left out. It took a while to calm her down. She said that her cousin pushed her which was not true because I saw the whole thing. Bella was nice enough to give Aria all the eggs that she found and after another 15 mins. of hugging and being carried she was back to her normal self again. Moments like this reminds me of how young she really is and that she still needs alot of TLC.

That's Layla on the left and a grumpy Aria on the right.

Bella and Aria.

The girls ready for the egg hunt.

Picture with the bunny.

Still waiting for the hunt to begin.


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