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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Saturday.

Okay, this is the last post regarding Easter Egg Hunts, I promise. I knew going in that Saturday was our big, extensive outing day but I was still surprised by all that we've done when the day was over. We started out at Albertson's 9:00AM in-store egg hunt. Sounds silly but we did it last year and we had a blast so I decided to go there again this year. It did not disappoint. The Easter Bunny was there and the kids had egg hunts in the fruits and veggie isles. Aria was lucky enough to find 5 special eggs to trade in for toys. Yeah! After the Albertson's egg hunt we headed over to Chatsworth Park for their egg hunt. We did that last year also and we didn't want to miss that one. A.'s brother's family was also there. That would make it egg hunt #5 for the year. Aria did what she usually do, she tried to pick only the purple ones because that's her favorite color. After the hunt, we did the free arts & crafts offered inside the recreation center and still found that we were way ahead of schedule. We decided to head over to Lakeshore Learning Center to do the usual free arts & craft projects there too.

Afterwards we got KFC for lunch and headed over to a park to meet up with a few friends and their girls. Yes, Cassidy was there. Aria was so happy to see her. We've seen so much of Cassidy during our Spring Break, I think Aria and I will go through Cassidy withdraws once we're back into our usual schedule. She's a great friend for Aria. They have a blast playing together. I really hope that Cassidy and Aria can remain good friends for many, many years to come. Anyhoo, the kids played and played and we finally left the park around 3:30 PM. I suggested that we head over to Best Buy since it was close by so that A. can purchase a dvd that he wanted. Aria was so tired in the store that she had me carry her while we were inside. She fell into a deep sleep on the car ride home. If you count it all up, we did 4 kid's activities that day. Boy was I tired. We made up for it by staying home all night and vegging in front of the t.v.

Egg hunt in the veggie aisle.

Aria's younger cousin Layla. She's turning 2 on April 28th.

Aria during egg hunt at the park.

Doing gluing project inside the rec. center.

Tackling the jungle gym with Cassidy.

I love this picture because it captures Aria trying to stop Cassidy from leaving the park. They've been playing for over 2 1/2 hours and Alice (Cassidy's mom) was very patient with them and gave them warnings about Cassidy's impending departure. Aria still refused to see her good friend go. A slight tug-of-war occurred. In the end, Alice won.


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wow, so nice to have so many easter activities in your area. we probably have them, too. i guess i have to find out where...next year! how fun for aria!

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