Wonders of Raising Aria

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Parent/Teacher Conference.

Yep, I had my first parent/teacher conference regarding Aria yesterday. It went well. The teacher told me that Aria's motor skills are great, that she's a smart girl. It takes her a bit to warm up because she's not a morning person but she does fine after she a while. I voiced my main concern about Aria's social interaction with other kids. She really doesn't have any friends in her class. I don't want her to be 'the loner' in her class. Her teachers told me that she's doing fine and that she parallel plays fine with other kids. Their words are reassuring but I still wish she was more social. If it wasn't for her great friendship with Cassidy, I would worry alot more. Unfortunately, Cassidy goes to another preschool and Aria just hasn't struck up any friendship similar to the one that she has with Cassidy at her current preschool. I think I need to set up some playdates for Aria.

Doing lineup right before going back into their class.

Waiting to do tap.

Heel, toe, tap.
She's doing much better in her tap class. I'm not putting her in May's recitel but I think that it's the right decision because I don't want to put any pressure on her to perform well. I just want her to have a good time.


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