Wonders of Raising Aria

Friday, June 29, 2007


Summer is here in full swing. I've been keeping Aria busy with playdates, outings to local areas and summer school. I can't believe Aria has already finished her 2nd week of summer school. It's still the same school with one of the same teachers and same students from her previous class. Things have not gone well for her unfortunately. She threw a major tantrum at school yesterday and even the director couldn't calm her down. I showed up to pick her up from school to see Aria huddled in the corner of her classroom balling her eyes out and refusing to be touched by anyone, even me. That hurts. I couldn't even calm my own child down. She has never threw a tantrum like this except for one previous time from home and that was because she had to go to school. I think school is affecting her in a negative way and she is not able to verbalize it to me. I'm so frustrated with the whole thing because the school that she is in is one of the best ones around. Where can she go from there???
On a happier note, she's doing great in swimming and that's only after a few sessions once a week. The teacher said she's the best swimmer in her class. I'm hoping that they will promote her to the next level soon. I'm also starting her in an intense swimming course where she goes everyday for 2 weeks, excluding the weekends at another swim school. The owner of that school claims that most kids, after completion of the program, will be able to swim 5 - 12 feet on their own. I'm can't wait to see that take place.

Monday, June 18, 2007

About time.

One of my (their really Aria's) three silkworms is finally spinning a cocoon. It's taking forever. I don't know if it's because I started raising them so late in the season or if they're not getting enough warmth but they've been lagging in their developement by a couple of weeks. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find the biggest of the silkworms busy at work making his new home. Only 2 more to go!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Finished products.

I got most of my ceramic pieces back. I write most because I still have 2 pieces that needs to be fired and another of my pieces has been donated due to a tragic accident in the kiln.

My covered jar got fused with someone's massive mistake. He used the wrong type of clay and ruined not just my piece but 2 other classmates' pieces as well. I was very angry over it when I found out and that jerk didn't even apology. I agreed to donate it to one of the classmate because she wanted her piece for her daughter and if we had tried to separate the piece with a hammer, everything would have shattered.

Heart cup.

Little bird.

3 leaves plate.

Another 3 leaves plate.

Yet another 3 leaves plate.

Last 3 leaves plate of the semester.

Leaf plate, this one went to my sister.

Ginko plate. The leaf didn't come out very well because the glaze was matte.

Butterfly plate. I don't like the glaze.


Sorry for the lack of postings and updates lately. I've been busy finishing off both of our school year (my ceramic class and Aria's preschool). Also Aria's been a handful for the past couple of weeks. A few weeks ago she threw a massive tantrum right before school. She refused to go and A. and I had to hold her down to even change her. She fought us, yanked A.'s hair and even bite my arm. I was sooo shocked by her behavior. I considered not making her go but she only had 2 classes left and she already skipped the previous class. She cried all the way there. I kept on asking her why she refused to go and she wouldn't tell me. The director had to comfort her for 20 mins. before she messed back with her classmates.
A. thinks Aria is not enjoying school because she doesn't have any friends there. I think he might be right. All the kids are in clicks and Aria's not in any of them. I've been trying to set up some playdates for her outside of school but this school year is over already and I don't really know any of the moms well. It breaks my heart to hear Aria say that certain kids are not nice to her or that some of them don't talk to her. I can only do so much for her in terms of setting up playgroups but Aria needs to be more outgoing and social and that's something that I don't know how to teach her.
Aria has been giving me major attitude at times. I don't know why she's doing this. She's so stubborn too and there's no convincing her out of it if her mind's set on something. I love my little girl but I really wish she was more easy going. She's like a little adult at times. Here's an example. I was driving along and we were discussing how she's a lucky girl and then I made an abrupt stop at the light and Aria immediately said, "I'm not so lucky anymore because you (referring to me) made that stop and shook me." Something along that line... A. laugh his ass off, I chuckled but geez, what 3 years old would say that?! She's so cynical at times.
Well, during my break from posting, we took advantage of the great weather and visited alot of places. We hit California Disney, Huntington Library, and Kidspace (twice), with Alice, Cassidy and Michael. We also did a birthday party, went to a couple of fairs and enjoy a wonderful visit from my sister. I'm post some pics when I get a chance.
Aria also started her swimming lessons and will be starting summer school next week. I'm poopled. I'm going to have some chocolate.

Silkworm progress.

And now there are three. Yes, I started off with 20+ little guys and they've literally died down to three. I'm a horrible silkworm farmer. I don't know why the majority of them didn't make it. I think I fussed with them too much. Hopefully, my three remaining silkworms are not all male or all female and they will produce some eggs for me for next year so I can start the whole ordeal all over again.

One of them is huge. She loves them equally.