Wonders of Raising Aria

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Catching up.

Here's some pics that we took after dinner at The Bear Pit last weekend. The food was decent, large portions but I have to say I love Wood Ranch alot more. Yes, Wood Ranch cost a little more but the meat is so tender and flavorful. Awww.... I especially love their steak soup, so good. I have soup cravings. I swear I eat soup for almost every meal. I made split pea soup tonight for example. Anyhoo, Aria was really hamming it up for the camera. Too bad I took bad pictures and the battery was running low.

Here's a pic of Aria in her Monday Mommy & Me class. She was playing with shaving cream. She also just finished crying because she thought I was leaving her there. Silly rabbit, that's the other 3 days.

Here's Aria roaring like a lion.

This is a picture of Aria in her new Monday YMCA class - Wide World of Sports. She was actually having a good time. I was worried about this class because I was pretty intimidated by the title. Thankfully, the teacher was very cool and she dumbed down the class alot for the kids. They just played with hoolahoops, balls and jumped hurdles.

There were only 2 kids in the class - Aria and Kyle. The teacher is named Ashley. She totally made the class fun for Aria. Found out that she's studying Child Ed. currently in college. That totally helps.


This is in regards to Aria's education. I've posted earlier about the incidence where Aria was left alone in a room for over an hour and she wasn't supervised. The teacher walked me into the room and we found Aria there along with another boy. I've been mulling over the whole thing and I actually went to another preschool to put her on the waiting list. We I went last Friday and the director was not in so I went again today after her co-op class. This school was my initial choice but I didn't get in because the waiting list was extremely long and there were only 5 spots opened. Well, they did some remodeling and turned their office into another classroom to accommodate their high demand. The director was really nice. I explained to her what happened to Aria and she told me that it was against the law to not supervise a child. I kinda knew deep down that it was but hearing it from the lips of a professional really made the point stick. The director told me that there were a couple of spots opened but she'll have to see because she has to hold certain spots open for Jan. for the kids that are currently in the mommy & me class. She said she'll call me tomorrow to let me know for sure but she thinks that she can get Aria in for October. That's a week away! I'm glad that she'll be in but now I have to deal with the co-op. If I enroll Aria in the new school, I'll have to break all ties with the co-op. I know alot of people are going to be mad at me for dropping out because I'm entrusted with the Fieldtrip responsibilities and I'm also a working mom on Thursdays.
The co-op general meeting is tomorrow night. The tuition fee for Oct. is also due that night. If I'm to put Aria in the new school I'm going to have to announce that Aria and I are dropping tomorrow night. I'm going to have to do some major talking with A. tonight about this but why should I delay the inevitable right? Aria is not happy at her current school. There is not enough supervision. Aria is clinglier than most and she needs that extra nudge from a caretaker that she's just not getting at her current school. I hope I don't make alot of enemies because of this. If only that incidence with Aria being left alone did not occur. I would not have looked for another preschool, but I just cannot let that incidence slip. What happen was wrong and when it happens to my child I have to do something about it.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ballerina in the making.

Aria has ballet on Fridays at the YMCA. I can't say she's progressing greatly but she's progressing. She has separation anxiety so I had to be by her side during the whole class. Thankfully the teacher was very understanding and let me hold Aria's hand during class. I hope that she'll get comfortable enough that she'll let me sit on the sideline and just watch one day. I know as the months progress it's going to be harder and harder to run and keep up with her and her class.
She is definitely the youngest and the most awkward one in class. At least she's now trying.

Here's Aria having a meltdown because I was going to leave her.

Can you spot Aria?

Aria getting a sticker for doing well in class.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I kinda glazed over it in the last post. But if you didn't get it from reading the last post, here's the big reveal. Here's a picture to back it up.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pondering. (okay, more rant, sorry)

Once A. came home from work we dicussed the situation with Aria and her school. We both agreed that it was not right for the teacher to leave a toddler alone in a room just because the toddler wants to be left alone, especially for over an hour. Also she didn't even know that another toddler wondered into that room by himself and remained there with Aria. I got more and more mad thinking about it. How would any parent feel if she left her child in the care of a caregiver and that caregiver ignored and forgot about that child? It's just wrong. Now I'm kinda stuck into this situation where I don't feel good about leaving Aria at that school. She's not a routy or active kid so I'm not worried about her getting hurt when she's by herself, but I don't like her being left alone. Heck, she's safer being alone at home than at school. She know she's safe at home. Aria and I are newbies at that school so I don't know what to do. I don't want to cause a rift by saying something to this teacher. She is the only teacher at the school.
I think I'll give it some more time and if she's really not happy I'm just going to pull her out and put her in a regular preschool. No more of this co-op stuff. We don't mind spending the money, we just want Aria to be happy and be in good hands.
There are other problems that I'm mowing over with at the co-op. One of the newbie mother at the co-op (who's also a friend) is abusing the rules by coming in late on her workday and bring her infant child with her on her workday. I personally don't mind that she brings in her baby but it is blatantly stated in the rule book that a working mom cannot bring in other siblings to school when it's her workday. It hinders her from doing her job properly because she will be caring for her own child instead of the welfare of the enrolled students.
This rule is very important to me because I'm going to be in that situation come next April. I will have to either find a sitter on the day that I'm working. If she gets to bring her infant, I want to do the same.
This mom (who's a 'friend') has broken other rules by not turning her application in on time, by missing general meetings which are mandatory and by coming in to her workday late (45 mins late).
Her excuse to all this is that she has postpartum depression. Come on! her infant is 7 months old! Give me a break. She may be depress but don't blame it on postpartum depression. Hell, I'm depressed right now. My child was not treated right today.
Anyways, I've decided to keep my anger and unhappiness with this mom underwraps for now. I don't want to be a bitch especially since I'm new to the school. We'll see what will take place in the next couple of weeks.
I'm so thankful for A. He's the rational one while I'll just blow up with anger. He's been under alot of stress from work too. His company moved location and now his commute is even worst than before. He had deadlines to meet, sometimes he has to work from home (actually he's doing that right now). He's trying really hard to get a balance with work and time spent with Aria. I know he misses her alot, especially now that she's started preschool and the time that she goes down for the night is alot earlier. He only gets maybe 2 hours in the evening with her. He use to have 4 or 5 hours with her before she sleeps. He loves her so much and he's worried that he's going to miss out on seeing her grow.
I am so thankful for all that A. does to provide for our family. He works hard so that we have a nice home, material goods, so that Aria can go to preschool and that we can have a some nest egg to build one. Without him, we would be a mess. He makes alot of sacrafices with work and time just so we can all live comfortably.
I guess this is one of the main reason that I blog, so that A. can read about Aria's mundane everyday events and maybe feel like he's not missing out on too much. I'm sure to most people what I write about is pretty petty and boring but I'm not doing it for everyone, I'm blogging for A. and for Aria.
Good night, I've gotta go put Aria to bed (actually A.'s doing it right now, isn't he the best??) I hope I have happier things to blog about tomorrow.


When did my little 34 month old girl turn into a mini teenager?!? She walks around with her arm folded, cross at me for something that I do not comprehend, saying "I don't like you anymore" or "it's not fair". What's the deal?? Am I raising a spoiled brat with attitude? I just don't get it. One moment she's as sweet as can be and then like a light switch, she'll flip and get mad at me. She'll remain mad at me for a long time too. Sometimes she'll go into her room and close the door. Augh. Why me... where's my baby girl?? She's mad at me right now and for the life of me, I don't know why. I'm just going to leave her alone.
She did badly in school today BTW. No, she didn't cry so the teacher did not call me. But she gave the teacher attitude and refused to have snack. Then she went and hid in the nursery and closed the door. She remained there until I picked her up from school (over an hour and a half). I expected to see her in circle time but she was in the nursery with another boy (Mark). He likes her so most likely he followed her in there and remained in there with her. Great. Now she's not participating with the rest of the class. I don't know how to deal with this and since I'm not there I don't know if the teacher is even actively trying to engage her in group activities. Aria is very strong willed. She needs alot of coaxing and motivating if she doesn't want to do something. I got a feeling that the teacher and the working parents there just don't give a crap if Aria gets involved or not. Well, I'm a working mom tomorrow and I'm going to make sure she gets involved in the group stuff. I pray that week 3 goes better than this week. This week sucks. I also took her to see her dentist today. She had her teeth cleaned and it was nonstop fighting and crying for 10 mins while it took place. I had to hold her down. She sure is a kicker. Ugh. We've got to do it again in 6 months.
Here's another thing that's been bugging me: Why can't I find any YooHoo on the shelf??? What's going on? Have they been recalled or something? I went to Walmart and Target today and the shelves are empty. What's the deal??? Why is there a shortage on the one time that Aria likes??? Today's a bad day. Sorry. I'm done ranting.

This is Mark. He follows her everywhere.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


As you already know Aria wants a real kitten, bad. I've been using that as a bribe to get her to follow directions etc. Well she also want this. She saw the commercial for it on Nickelodeon and has been facinated with Strawberry Shortcake since. She even asked for me to read her her only Strawberry Shortcake book that we have in her bookshelf. I don't understand her facination with that character. I never had any interest in it when I was young. I always thought she was kinda weird with her over-sized head and I don't like being bombarded with a scent. Go figure. If she behaves at preschool and I don't have to pick her up early, I might get it for her. I wish she was into Hello Kitty instead. Yes, that's another big-headed character but Hello Kitty's so cute!

Spoke too soon.

Not more than an hour into my Aria-free morning, I received a call from her teacher at the preschool telling me that Aria "has been crying and is now being held by a working mom". Agh... she was doing so well last week, I guess week 2 is going to be harder on her than week 1. I went to her school expecting her to be a total mess and found her cuddled up to a working mom. She wasn't crying but she was very relieved to see me. I asked her if she wanted to go home or to stay and she didn't reply so I decided to stay with her in preschool. She was fine afterwards. She even went and played and interacted with the other kids. I thought maybe she was still sick from her cold but I think she just misses me. We had a little talk in the car on the way home and I told her not to cry tomorrow when I leave her at preschool. She said no but then I told her that she will not be receiving a kitten if she does cry and then she said will not cry. Yes, I bribe my daughter. Hey, whatever works. A. better be making plans to get that kitten soon. He's thinking he'll get a kitten for Aria's birthday. I doubt that will happen.

During circle time today. Each child is suppose to sit on a lettered mat and listen to show-and-tell. From left to right: Isabelle, Kristen, Aria, Nickolas, Henry. Aria seems to really like Kristen. She was having little conversations with her during circle time.

During music time.

During goodbyes to the teacher. Can you spot her? She's always the last one to get up.

Aria enjoying some strawberry yogurt. She actually didn't like it very much but I thought I'll give it a try since all her classmates seem to love the stuff. She played with it for a long time, gagged on it after one big bite and that was the end of that.

Snots too.

I caught Aria's cold and now I'm not feeling so great. Aria, on the other hand, is back to her happy self and is currently in preschool. Yeah, I got the morning to myself to veg. I'm going to be consuming a large amount of O.J.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Aria's sick today with a pretty hasty head cold. She's got a runny nose and I think her throat hurts her a little. I knew she was coming down with something when she had a really hard time falling asleep last night from a stuffy nose. I think we caught it at one of the parties from this weekend. Lord knews Chuck E. Cheese's is not the cleanest place for a kid. A. told me not to take her to school today so we stayed home. She's being extremely cranky and is currently crying her eyes out after napping for an hour. I am so close to having a meltdown because my little girl is driving me up the walls. Help. Please.

Recap of weekend.

We've had an extremely busy weekend. On Saturday, we attended a birthday party for a 3 years old boy at Playsource. I basically stole his birthday party idea for Aria's uncoming one. I love the facility because it's so clean and they have a jumper with a slide! Love that. The party lasted 2 hours and all the kids had a great time. We didn't feel like heading home right after the party so we walked around the building and we checked out the pets at Petco. Aria loves animals and could hang out there all day if she had her way. They were also holding a cat adoption fair inside Petco which meant it was that much harder to get Aria to leave the place. She really wants a kitten but in my current condition, I'm not up to the new challenges of owning a new cat. We ate at Fatburger's after the pet store. I love their chilli cheese fries. Sure hits the spot. We headed home afterwards for a nice nap.

That night we had dinner at Wood Ranch. I love that place. The portions are huge and I usually get greedy and order too much. That night I got their B.B.Q. combo of baby back ribs and tri-tip with a side of fries and fire roasted veggies. I was in heaven. Everything was so good. I really loved A.'s steak soup. It was sooo good. I'm a sucker for a great bowl of soup. A. ordered the fillet mignon. Yes, we are meat lovers. On Sunday, we got up really early to attend a members only event at the L.A. Zoo. They provided free cereal and milk too. I loved the event because majority of the time when we went exploring we were the only people around. It was such a treat not to have to deal with crowds and to be able to enjoy the sights and scenes at our own leisurely pace. We notice the difference when it was around 11 and they opened the zoo to the general public. There was a sudden wave of people shoving and pushing to pass us. Luckily we were pretty much down with our visit and were heading for the exit.

I took a nap as soon as we got home and we were out the door again for a 3 PM party at Chuck E. Cheese's. It was for a three years old girl named Valeria. I never liked Chuck E. Cheese's on the weekend and I find that birthday parties there are even more hellish. It was crowded and loud. It's just not the appropriate place to hold a 3 years old's party. The birthday girl was scared of the the mouse and the noise most of the time. I got a headache after a half an hour of play. Thankfully A. was there to watch Aria. She seemed to like the place. I must be getting old. I need naps and quiet time.

Aria with the birthday girl Valeria.

Aria with Cassidy.

We left around 5 and headed over to Soupplantation for dinner with A.'s uncle, aunt and their 22 years old daughter. We wanted to take them out to dinner for the longest time be we always end up fighting over the bill (their old school chinese who wants to pay all the time). We were sneaky enough where we finally ended up paying. Their daughter is extremely bright and well adjusted. She's going to attend Harvard Law but is taking the year off to become a fellow at at National Bank in Washington D.C. I admire how A.'s aunt was able to raise such a smart and kind daughter and I've joked with her many times to take Aria, raise her and bring her back when she's 17 so she can turn out just like her daughter Leslie.

Pseudo-Party Planner.

I just booked an indoor playground for Aria's upcoming 3rd birthday in November. The credit card has been charged so there's no turning back. We had her birthday at our house last year and I don't want to do that again. It was pretty stressful throwing it at home because I was always worrying that one of the kids would get hurt by running into a rose bush or that they'll fall down the three steps leading to the house. This year we're going to have her party at Playsource. I'm surprised by how far in advance people book their parties. I got the only slot left on that day and I'm doing it 2 months in advance. We ended up with the 5:30 - 7:30 PM slot. It seems alittle late but oh well, the kids can party and go home and crash for the night. I'm still undecided on which party package to go with yet because I don't know how much work I want to put into it. I guess it all depends on how many kids will attend. I've got a list for over 25 kids if everyone attends but I doubt that'll happen. Let just hope enough kids come so Aria has a good party.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Second day

I just dropped Aria off at her preschool. She's going on day 2. I asked her to go locate her cubbie hole and she was able locate the right one! Today, I stayed with her for about 15 mins. just enough time to see her do her arts & craft project for the day. She was able to locate her name on a piece of paper for her project. That shocked me since I didn't know she knew. After arts & craft, I told her that I was leaving to see daddy (that's a lie) and that I'll see her later. She said 'no' but I left anyways. Hey, it's gotta happen sooner or later, right? I spied on her through the window and she looked lost but she didn't cry. Very proud of her. I hope her day at preschool goes well. I was able to run an errand before heading home to eat breakfast. I'm having a great morning.
Update: I almost cried when I picked Aria up. I couldn't believe my eyes. She was having the time of her life, sing and dancing with the rest of the kids. My friend (who worked today) told me that Aria did great and didn't cry for me once. Her first 1/2 of an hour was kind of somber but after that she adjusted very well and was interacting with everyone. The teacher told me that she was a real chatterbox and socialized really well. She said Aria was like a different kid than when I was around. Guess I should take that as a compliment. My little girl did great.
I caught her giving a classmate a hug. I've never seen her do that before. She's not very affectionate to other people so it was a pleasant surprise. I think she made many new friends today. Sorry for the overexposed picture. I wasn't ready for the shot.

See how happy she was?? I'm very relieved that she did fine today. It's a great way to start a new school year.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First day

Aria just finished her first day at her co-op preschool. I have to say that she did better than I thought she would even though I wasn't able to leave her there by herself. The hardest was the first 30-45 mins of school when they had free play and arts & craft. It was an unstructed block of time where Aria can pick what she wants to do. That gave her too much free time to look for me for guidance and when she didn't spot me she started crying. Once they switched activity and went into circle time she was fairing better. I think I could have left her than but decided to stay with her through her first day at preschool. Tomorrow's a different story. I plan on staying maybe for 15 mins. just to see her situated and then I'm outta there. Target here I come! (kidding, just kidding.)
Most of the moms on duty today were very nice and I was very relieved to see how all the children get along so well considering that there were 26 of them total. It's going to be interesting on the day that I will be working to see how Aria will react. I hope she doesn't cling onto me. Preschool, day #2 here we come.

Here's Aria looking lost and lonely. She didn't know where to begin.

Aria found her cubicle. It contained her lunch bag. Too bad it's all the way on the top roll and she's so short. She's going to need help getting her bag when I'm not around. I should bring an extra set of clothing for her just in case she has an accident.

Here's Aria having a meltdown when she thought I left.

Aria during circle time. She did her job and sat on a lettered mat and listened (for the most part).

Aria's doing the Pledge Of Allegiance. She actually kept her right hand over her heart.

During snacktime. They served pita bread, cheese, turkey and juice today.

Here's Aria outside making a painting. She painted me a white turtle.

A. came home tonight and asked her how her day at preschool went and this is what she said:

A.: how was school today, Aria?

Aria: I cried and cried and cried because Mommy was going to leave me.

Ahh... she said the sweetest things sometimes.

Monday, September 11, 2006

New things.

It's 2:30 AM on a Monday morning right now and I can't seem to fall back to sleep. We all went to bed extra early at 10:06PM Sunday night so that Aria can be decently rested when she wakes up today at 8:30 AM for school. We were suppose to get her to go to sleep earlier all summer in anticipation of school for Fall but that fell through because we're night owls and Aria is no exception. I can't believe summer is over and school has started. My little girl will be starting her Co-op preschool on Tues., which runs through Friday and she's going to attend a Mommie & Me class on Mondays. Yeap, Aria will have class 5 days a week. That's not including 2 dance classes and swimming sprinkled throughout the week. I'm tired just thinking about it.
I don't know how she's going to cope the first week or so. She's never been left alone in a preschool setting before so that'll also be interested. A part of me is secretly looking forward to the mornings of free time that I'll get when she's away from me in preschool. Sounds selfish I know but I can't seem to get anything done since she's with me 24/7 and especially now when she sometimes skips naps. I just want a couple of hours alone to do chores, shop and get the ritualistic stuff like cooking out of the way so I can fully appreciate the time spent alone with her. I also want Aria to get more independent and let her personality grow, where she's not turning into a mini version of me because she's with me all the time.
Yet I worried about her when she's not with me. I worry about her making friends, whether kids are mean to her and bully her. I worry that she might be the lonely kid in school and not wanting to participate in group activities. I worry that she'll pick up bad habits from kids or that she'll get hurt because I'm not there to watch her. It's a big ball of unknowns right now. I do know that I'm putting her in a good school with a very understanding teacher. The other parents seems to be very devolted to the school and to striving for a great environment for their kids. Well, only time will tell how Aria does. In the meanwhile, I wish I can fall back to sleep. I've gotta get up 6 hours from now and start our Fall schedule.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Twinkle Toes

Aria attended her first ballet class at the Y today. It went a little better than the tap class just because the other kids in the class weren't as in sync as the other class. Aria did just as poorly as last time. She didn't listen to the teacher and refused to do any of the moves except to look at herself in the mirror and spin around and around. Oh, well. I didn't stress out as much today because I actually know one of the other moms in this class. Our daughters will be attending the same co-op next week. I also met another mom there who was very friendly. I was able to leave Aria in the classroom with the teacher and the other students and she didn't cry once. Woo-hoo! I'm feeling good about preschool next week.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


I've been looking for a Halloweenie costume for Aria. Not just any costume but a specific one because Aria already knows what she wants to be. I know it's a little early still but I think I should get started on the search or I'll surcome to defeat. All previous Halloweens I was the one who decided on what she should wear because she was too young to tell me otherwise. Both years, I dressed her up as a white bunny (2 different costumes, I have a thing for bunnies). Well this year, Aria wants to be The Little Mermaid. I've been looking online and it seems like most of the mermaid costumes that I find at least $40.00, ouch. What happened to the good old days when I can get a great costume for less than $20???
I love my daughter and I will get her the costume, just not for $40.00. The search continues.

While at Aimee's....

We attended a playgroup at Aimee's house today. Aria was in get spirits because she got a good night's sleep. She woke up really really late today (11 AM). This will have to change because she will be starting preschool next Monday, 5 days a week, 9 AM sharp. Yikes.
We met a couple of new moms and their kids today. Aria didn't click with them because they were a bit younger. Overall, it was a fun playdate. We both enjoy hanging out with Aimee and Azaria.

Aria found these leaves, put one each next to her ears and said, "Mom, look, bunny ears." Very similar to this incidence.

Wow, I captured her laughing and looking at the camera at the same time. Miracle.

Oh, I did it again.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I babysat for a mom today. Her son Garrett is around 15 months old. She dropped him off around 10 this morning and he stayed for a couple of hours. I have to say, he was the easiest baby I ever sat with. He didn't cry once and he was very mellow and he said was 'mmm' and ate his snack.

Here's Garrett munching on cheese right before he ate his grapes and his cereal. This kid can eat.

Here's Aria watching Garrett to make sure he doesn't mess with anything in her room. I can't see how he can mess anything up, my little girl did a great job already. It's not a very clean room right now. Some one needs to learn to clean her room. Yeah, I know she's got a lot of toys. It's because I had so little growing up. I'm living vicariously through her.

Aria's showing me a new treat that she's learned on her rocking doggie.

The Y

I know I haven't mention this but we joined the YMCA last Sat. because the place we usually go to swim was closed. We've been considering the Y for a while now and we caved on Sat. We were all lotioned up and ready to swim and were devastated to find the gate to to the outdoor pool chained up so we headed 10 mins west to the YMCA. Bummer, we knew this day would eventually happen because one can only swim in an outdoor pool for so many months before the temperature drops and were freezing our toosies off. The prices at the Y were not bad - $100 initial signup fee and $65 per month for the whole family. I wanted to sign Aria up for swimming ASAP but we missed the Sept. enrollment deadline by a week. I was able to sign her up for tap class.
Well today was her first time at tap. I knew going in that Aria will be the odd person out because she has never attended a dance class. I also don't know how well she'll listen to the teacher since she has very short attention span unless you were a T.V., then she'll pay attention to you for hours. Well it was alot worst that I thought it would be. She was sooooo out of place. The rest of the class (5 other little girls) were so in sync with the instructor and they followed her every command. I couldn't even get my little girl to join the group. I have to say it was very intimidating for Aria and for myself. I found that the mothers were all very snooty and stand-offish. The kids were the same way. They avoided Aria. I was so crushed and almost cried when I saw Aria approached one of the little girls and asked her what her name was and that little girl turned her head and ignored Aria. All Aria could do was to come to me and ask me why that little girl didn't say anything to her. I told her that the little girl didn't feel like talking right now but deep down I cringed because this is a scene that will be happen over and over to Aria while at school or the playgroups and I will not be there to tell her why certain kids are not friendly to her. It was so sad. All she wanted to do was make a friend and join in the fun but she couldn't do either because she don't know the routine and those little girls have already formed a click. I feel like I've held her back by not signing up for the Y earlier. Damn that teacher for not making more of an effort to include Aria either. She must not be a mom.
I decided to not bring Aria back next week but the nanny to one of the little girl was nice enough to approach me after class and to tell me to keep it up for Aria's sake. She told me that the little girl that she's taking care of has been attending those classes for a long time and that with practice, Aria will catch up too. I was so glad that she came over and talked to me. She made me feel so much better about the whole situation. I'm going to keep Aria in and I was able to sign her up for another class on Fridays. Hopefully with 2 dance classes, she'll get better at paying attention and will eventually have a good time in class. Wish us luck.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Weekend recap.

We had a pretty long & mellow weekend, alot of relaxing since it's still pretty hot during the day. We did absolutely nothing on Saturday except for eating and crafts. Aria made me a clay man, clay duck and a clay bird. She loved rolling the dough flat with the little roller and she was very meticulous about the thickness of clay, evenness of clay etc. The girl can get a little anal at times.

'Can't you see I'm busy?'

On Sunday, we went to A.'s parents' house in the early evening. His brother, sister-in-law and the two nieces also showed up. We all headed out to a new Japanese restaurant nearby for dinner. The food was awesome. Too bad I forgot the name. I definitely want to go there again. It got Aria's approval too because she ate 3 whole shrimp tempuras. I've never seen her eat so much and with such gusto. Aria's a really picky eater so it was a surprise to see her eat 1 let alone 3 shrimp tempuras.

Aria's on her grandma's vibrating excercising machine. I guess it's suppose to jiggle the fat off.

Don't be fooled by this picture. She did not like the ice cream bar and right after this picture was taken, she said 'I don't like this.' and refused to take another bite. Her grandma ate the rest.

On Monday morning, we met up with A.'s brother, sister-in-law and the two nieces at a local hiking trail so the kids can play since they didn't get a chance last night. I thought we were meeting at a park so stupid-me had on flip-flops, not the best footwear for a hike. The kids really enjoyed the hike. Aria followed Bella around like a little puppy. She plays so much better with older kids. At one point, Bella captured a tiny lizard and Aria was brave enough to touch it.

We hiked for about an hour and decided to head home because of the heat. I was really suffering inside but I didn't complain once. Aria was a trooper she toughed it out until we were back in the car and the she let us know that she was not comfortable and she wanted home.

We had plans of attending a friend's (Kathleen from previous post) B.B.Q. today but she cancelled because of family reasons. A. and I decided to have our own B.B.Q. instead. We tried inviting people over but I guess everyone had plans because no one said 'yes'. It all worked out. We ended up not having to clean house. We grilled 2 types of pork, a slab of beef ribs, veggies, potatoes and shrimp. Everything was delicious and the best part is we had leftovers for tomorrow so I don't have to cook. Yeah!

This is Bella, the older niece and Aria's cousin. She's 5 and very adorable. She's holding a tiny lizard that she just found.

This is Layla, the younger niece. She's around 15 months old. Big girl but very cute.

Bella and Aria off exploring. Aria loves to follow Bella around. She had a great time with Bella today.

Aria found a dead beetle in the backyard today and was proudly showing it off. It was HUGE. I did not touch it.

Our dinner on the grill. One word - DELISH.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Aria took these.