Wonders of Raising Aria

Monday, July 09, 2007

After hours.

Sunday night, we hit the bookstore and purchased some bargain books for Aria. They we dined at Wood Ranch (even though we had Wood Ranch the night before at Cassidy's party). It was pretty late after the meal was over but we still wanted to walk around for a little bit, so we snuck into the closed mall (well the doors were left open but all the stores were closed). It was fun exploring a place after it's been closed. We had the whole mall practically to ourselves and since all the stores were closed we didn't and couldn't spent any money. We just did window shopping. Free entertainment.

In front of the Disney Store. That's Aria's pose when I told her to say 'cheese'.

Same pose, different store.

She's giving a thumbs up sign.

She actually pretended that she was manipulating the keys on the iPhone. Good thing she's not old enough to ask for one yet.

She was in heaven. I was extremely glad that this place was closed.

I sat her in front of the photo kiosk and used their setup. She refused to pose properly.


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