Wonders of Raising Aria

Monday, July 02, 2007

Puppy love.

We had a B.B.Q. last night and A.'s friends came over to partake of the goods. One of his friend brought over his 2 weeks old puppy named V.J. He was so freakin' adorable. The little thing is hand fed with a bottle every 2 hours and would sleep the rest of the time. Too cute. Aria was very gentle with him. She's very good with animals and will do great with a small dog. No new pets for us though. We'll just have to visit V.J. instead.
Aria and V.J.


Vu, the proud dad.

Aria trying her hand at feeding V.J.

Happy drunk.

Sloppy drunk.
She was just posing. She did not consume any alcohol. The bottle was empty. She understands that alcohol consumption is for adults only. Please don't call the child protective services on me.


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