Wonders of Raising Aria

Monday, May 07, 2007

They've hatched!

The silkworms have finally hatched out of their eggs. I checked on them Sunday morning and they were little black lines, no bigger than half the length of my fingernail, crawling around the box. I worried about them all day because I didn't know where to go to get mulberry leaves. Luckily, I found a mulberry tree on someone's front yard, across the street from the local elementary school. I rang the doorbell to ask for permission to pick some leaves but no one was home. So, in desperation, I stole some. I had to, my silkworm babies were going to starve to death!
This morning, the silkworms have change slightly. They've developed some greyish markings from their heads down. The little guys are growing on me.


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