Wonders of Raising Aria

Friday, May 04, 2007

Voom voom.

I had the one of the best Mommy & Me classes today. It was so fun. The teacher had called me a few days ago to remind me to bring a box to school that's big enough to fit Aria in. Thankfully I had one lying around in the garage. Today, I lugged it to class and found out that we were to paint the box, decorate it and turn it into a car. The class was very chaotic because there were 30+ kids and 30+ adults trying to paint gigantic boxes. Aria picked purple (of course) to paint her box. I had to force her to use pink on the front panel. 45 mins before the end of class, everyone brought his or her 'car' into the classroom for the indoor drive-in and to eat popcorn. How cool is that?? It was so cute to see all 30+ kids in their own individual cars watching Elmo on t.v. It was very quite while the movie was going on. Very fun.

Aria with her purple paint.

Waiting for the movie to start.

After class I took Aria to the library to return some books and to check out new ones. Alice surprised me by showing up there with Cassidy and Michael. She went to pick up some fastfood while I watched Cassidy and Aria at the play area. We ate at a park table and the girls had a blast as usual.


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