Wonders of Raising Aria

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sunday outing.

We visited the Huntington Library on Sunday. The weather was just right, any hotter and I would have wanted to stay home. The Huntington Library is pretty expansive. I visited different gardens that I've never seen on my previous trips there. The first garden that we hit was the kids' water garden. Hands down the best garden for kids anywhere. They have different gardens within the kids' garden to keep all the kids occupied. Aria loved the one area that generated fog-like mist. I think my favorite was the Japanese garden. It contained a bamboo forest (I love bamboo!!), pagodas galore, a zen garden, and a huge koi pond with arched bridges. Oh, and they had an amazing collection of bonsais. Unfortunately, the place was closing down for the night or I would have stayed there longer to take in more of the beauty.

One of the kid's fountains.

Very cool, magnetic interactive sculpture.

The water fogger.

Check out the size of that leaf.

I love the details in this bench.

At the Japanese garden, in front the koi pond.

Bamboo forest.



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