Wonders of Raising Aria

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Getting hot, again.

The temperature is creeping back up to the 100s again so our morning swim class was great. There's a baby in our class who cries throughout the whole lesson. I feel so bad for him because it's so obvious that he wants out, but I'm glad that I'm not going through that with Aria. Aria did really well. She listened to her teacher and did everything that was asked of her. I'm going to work on her swimming, with her face in the water, toward the wall of the pool. She's willing to put her face in the water, do back-floats with my help, jump into the water, monkey walks with her hand and more. Overall, I'm really impressed by her progress. Aria didn't want to stay in the pool too long today. We left after an hour of swimming and headed for Chuck E. Cheese. She had a good time there but was getting tired after an hour and a half of play. We stopped at Trader Joe's afterwards. I am in love with their Avocado's Number Guacamole, their beef enchiladas, their chocolate oatmeal cookies, their truffles and their masala simmer sauce. Okay, I plain love Trader Joe's. I will enviably eat my way through all their great stuff. The store is literally 6 blocks away from our house. Another reason why I love our location even when I'm not in love with our house.


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