Wonders of Raising Aria

Friday, August 11, 2006

One too many.

I babysat my friend's 2 children today, making it a grand totally of 3 kids under my supervision. She has a 5 months old daughter (Marisa) and a 2 1/2 years old son (Nikolaus). Aria and Nikolaus has a love/hate relationship. I swear they act like an old married couple together. They fight over toys, Nickolaus's dog Ty, snacks, what to watch on T.V. or my attention. At the same time, Nikolaus wants to please Aria by hugging her and she will have none of that. It usually ends with one of the two crying. Even knowing this, I could not deny my friend's request for help. I spent about 3 hours alone with all three in her apartment and by the end of my 3 hours shift, I came to the conclusion that I'm not meant to be a mother of 3 very young kids and that Aria and Nikolaus should never ever get married or their relationship will end in a bad divorce.

Little Miss Marisa. Check out her bling.

Nikolaus with his new mohawk. It so fits his personality.


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