Wonders of Raising Aria

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Meeting up.

Aria, A. and I finally make the long trek down to see my old college friend. The destination was only 42 mins away according to www.mapquest.com but in reality the drive took over an hour. It would have been worst if it was a weekday. We were an hour off of our estimated time of arrival but everything worked out great. We finally met her second daughter Kira. She's already 6 months old. She looks just like her older sister. Such a cutie. My friend's first daughter Erin and Aria got along great. I was really amazed at how they played and interacted together all afternoon. Aria actually reconnected with Erin by going up to her and asking her, "Do you go swimming too?" So cute. They had minor tiffs about sharing which is expected with 3 years olds but overall I think they became fast friends. At one point, Erin offered Aria her yellow security blanket to drape across her leg when they were sitting on the couch, watching a Disney Princesses DVD. My friend and her husband were shocked by this because they said Erin treasures that thing and refuse to let anyone touch it. I wish I took a picture.
My friend's husband graciously picked up Vietnamese food for everyone for lunch. We all hung out all talked. It's impressive to see my friend deal with 2 young children. Boy it's alot of work. She was always moving and hardly got the chance to sit and talk and she was the last one to eat. I applaud her and any mother with more than one child. It looks like alot more work.

Erin on her Leapfrog Disney Princesses laptop.

Meet Kira Sumi D.O.B. - 1/27/06. She's already a hefty 15 lbs.! What a cutie!

Aria and Erin were doing crafts together.

Afterwards, I hit the Marukai 98 Cents Store since it was situated only 6 mins from my friends house. A. refused to go in and took Aria shoe shopping instead. I found some good stuff but overall shopping there is not as fun as it used to be when it was a true 98 cents only store. Now almost all their stuffs are $1.50 or more. I did score some Hello Kitty plastic food and drinks containers today.


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