Wonders of Raising Aria

Friday, August 11, 2006

Second harvest.

I found another big zucchini growing from the zucchini plant today and told Aria about it. She was very excited and wanted to harvest it. It was so cute. She kept on tugging and tugging but the zucchini would not separate from the plant. I can tell she was getting fustrated but thankfully, A. stepped in and helped her out by slightly snapping the veggie from the plant for her. All she had to do was give it a tug and off it came. She was very proud.
The second zucchini from the zucchini plant.

Aria had to hunt for it. It was hidden under all the leaves.

She gave it a tug but it refused to budge. She how hard she was trying??

After many attempts (and with A.'s help) , Aria harvested her second zucchini of the season.

Looks like the zucchini is stuck in her ear.


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